Better Water Quality – Healthier Home Lifestyle

Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Solution systems not only protect your home from pinhole leaks, but they provide added benefits throughout by enhancing your water quality. Benefits include, but are not limited to, chemical-free bathing, quality drinking water, and reduced hard water issues without an old-fashioned salt-based water softener. These three important achievements help you enjoy the best value for your investment.


Your HealthyHome Solution Water System will:

1. Provide a healthier home living environment and bathing experience by removing waterborne gaseous chemicals (Carcinogenic Disinfection Byproducts, Chloramines, Organics, Pesticides, Herbicides, Heavy Metals etc.) from the bathing and household airspace;

2. Deliver exceptional water quality for consumption, ice and ingredient uses (slightly alkaline pH with natural mineral content intact), delivered from every fixture in your home; and

3. Effectively reduce hard water issues without the use of a salt-based softener protecting plumbing, tankless water heaters, fixtures, and appliances from costly and unsightly scale damage. Also produce better results in dishwashing and laundry with less soaps and detergents.

No other approach (repiping or epoxy pipe lining) provides these benefits. In fact possibly the opposite – There is still no concrete evidence that PEX poly tubing and various epoxy-based materials including hardeners are safe over time. Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Solution systems simply provide guaranteed protection from pinholes and a healthier, more convenient home lifestyle at a lower price point.

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