Better and Less Expensive than Epoxy Pipe Lining

Lining your pipes with resin-based epoxy is more expensive than installing a Pure Elements Water Pinhole Leak Prevention System, and generates more concerns than benefits.Problems with epoxy pipe linings include:

  • Epoxy and hardeners can give off BPAs and other potentially carcinogenic chemicals, potentially problematic for both consumption and bathing
  • Epoxy pipe lining companies promise to seal existing leaks, but we have seen several occasions where this approach did not work and the company had to repipe the afflicted area
  • Epoxy linings can be flammable, or even explosive, if exposed to open flame (like a plumber’s torch)
  • Because of the flammability, you can no longer use a conventional plumber and must use the epoxy lining company for any future repairs, valve replacements or appliance change-outs
  • Epoxy lining does not always coat evenly – it can clump in narrow pathways in your plumbing and dramatically cut water pressure/volume, leaving no way to find the obstruction
  • There is potential for bare spots if not properly applied, resulting in “hot” or unprotected areas even more vulnerable to attack and leaks
  • After time, epoxy linings break down and massively flake into the water, creating multiple clogs and sometimes resulting in completely replumbing the home.

For some thoughts regarding epoxy failures and applications where they can possibly make situations worse, review  “What the insurance industry needs to know about epoxy water pipe liner.”Pure Elements Water’s Pinhole Leak Prevention Systems are the affordable way to eliminate all of these concerns, and they provide added peace of mind throughout your home by enhancing your water quality. Benefits include chemical-free bathing, quality water for consumption, ice and cooking (slightly alkaline with natural mineral content intact), and reduced hard water issues without an old-fashioned salt-based water softener. No health concerns; no lost water pressure or volume; no massive failure and flaking, and complete ability to work with whom you choose. Solving the main problem by addressing the water chemistry is the best choice, every time.

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