Oh No! Re-piping To Fix Pinhole Leaks Got More Expensive

Filtration Water Treatment Orange County CA

Rick what’s the latest Update on re-piping your house?

Well, it seems like the prices have dramatically increased again on materials and labor for the re-piping process for a home.  And that is regardless of whether it’s done in PEX plastic or in copper.

The cost to repipe a home in copper or PEX has increased in the last year by a lot.

This has taken it to a point where it costs two times the amount of money to re-pipe your house in plastic with controversial materials. 

Oh and by the way, the jury is still out on the health related aspects of what the plastic is introducing into the water.  

Stop Pipe Leak Orange County CA Newport Beach CA 92660 – Change the water chemistry to prevent the leaks from coming back.

Again it’s about two times the cost to re-pipe your house with that versus addressing the water chemistry with one of our systems. Plus, with our system you get the benefit of getting all the great quality water throughout the home.  Re-piping alone will not get you clean healthy water.

Newport Beach and Orange County California all suffer from pinhole leaks caused by chloramines. Some people think re-piping their home will stop the pinhole leaks from returning but that is not true. Recent installations can be seen clicking the filter image above.


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