Never Have Pinhole Leaks Again!

Prevent copper pipe pinhole leaks by installing a HealthyHome Water Filtration & Salt-Free Conditioning System.

If you’ve experienced a pinhole leak in your home’s copper piping, don’t let some plumber tell you that your house needs to be repiped with PEX plastic tubing or thicker grade “L” copper. It’s costly, disruptive, and completely unnecessary. Lining your pipes with Epoxy is also not a good solution if you care about healthy water. Truth is your copper pipes are probably just fine. Then how do you address future pinhole problems?

Pinhole leaks are the direct result of changes in our water’s chemistry over the years. The chemical additives that make it safe for human consumption—like Chloramines—are attacking and eating their way through your home’s copper pipes. These pinhole leaks can lead to mold growth, putting your family’s health at risk, and they require costly plumbing repairs.

A skillfully engineered whole house water filtration system provides exceptional water quality throughout your house for consumption, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Our HealthyHome Water Filtration & Salt-Free Conditioning Systems effectively reduce harmful chemicals including Chloramines, Organics, Pesticides, and Heavy Metals. Even better, it takes care of hard water issues without the use of salt-based softeners, protecting plumbing, tankless water heaters, fixtures, and appliances.

There is no safer, healthier, cost-effective, way to protect your home from pinhole leaks while improving the quality and taste of the water throughout your home. In fact, we’ll put our money where our mouth is with a $1,000 Performance Guarantee*

Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Water Filtration & Salt-Free Conditioning Systems.
The way nature intended water to be.

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* * No home in which a Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Water Filtration & Salt Free Conditioning System has been installed in the last 7+ years has reported a further pinhole leak. Should the homeowner experience a pinhole leak within the first year of installing Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Water Filtration & Salt-Free Conditioning System, Pure Elements Water shall reimburse the homeowner fifty (50%) percent of the insurance deductible or fifty (50%) percent of the repair costs up to a total of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00). Performance Guarantee is valid for one pinhole leak occurrence, and applies only if the original pipe can be provided to confirm the leak originated from the interior of the copper pipe [some slab leaks are contributed to soil conditions, improper installation/insulation of the pipes, makeup of cement, etc.]. For details, see

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