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If you do not know about chloramines, here is some information on why you need a chloramine water filter system in Newport Coast, CA.

According to famous consumer advocate Erin Brockovich in her article “Protection or Poison?

Chloramine Water Filter System in Newport Coast CA Pelican Hill home

Chloramination of Drinking Water”, “Chloramine, on the other hand, is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. While chlorine dissipates and evaporates into the air relatively quickly, chloramine is more stable and will last longer in the water system. The goal is to provide increased protection from bacterial contamination.

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Chloramine also happens to be the cheapest and easiest of the options available to water utilities. Yet even though the use of chloramine is convenient, it may not be safe. Studies indicate chloramine causes more rapid deterioration of the municipal infrastructure and degradation of valves and fittings. In water systems that still use lead pipes or components, this causes lead and other metals to leach into drinking water and out of faucets and showerheads. The chemicals themselves may not cost much, but we can’t afford their consequences.” (

Chloramines in the water supply are being blamed as the primary culprit eroding copper piping in southern California communities. Pinhole leaks are rampant in the Newport Coast area. The problem can start with small leaks behind the drywall, leading to water damage and flooding.  Pinhole leak damage can costs homeowners thousands in repairs, furniture and flooring replacements and can result in displacement and disruption.

Information about Chloramines in Southern California

This family, living in the Pelican Ridge community in Newport Coast, chose to eliminate the risk of more pinhole leaks and to enjoy water free of chloramines for a healthier home living environment.  They made the wise decision to install the Pure Elements Water Chloramine System.

Prevent pin hole leaks Newport Coast CA

The family has had their system in place for nearly two years. They are thrilled with their Pure Elements Water Chloramine System; they love the exceptional water flowing into their home, free of chloramines and other toxic water pollutants.  The quality of the Pure Elements Water installation work is perfect, with their system tucked neatly into the corner in the garage adjacent to the water main. Added benefits of the Pure Elements Water Chloramine System include protection from pinhole leaks, chemical free bathing and drinking water, and salt-free water conditioning.  Best of all, the family has gained peace of mind with freedom from worry about flooding, damage and expense caused by leaks in their copper pipes.  The healthy water chemistry this family is experiencing is due to the Pure Elements Water’s chloramine water filter system installed  in their Newport Coast, California home.

Author: Stephanie Salt


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