Pinhole Prevention Filters Recently Installed in Orange County

Talega San Clemente Pinhole Prevention System

This water filter system in one of many specially designed systems installed in the Talega area in San Clemente.  This system is in the Stella Mare community, built by Standard Pacific Homes about 8 years ago.  Many of the homes in the community have experienced costly pinhole leaks in their copper pipes.  Standard Pacific has stepped up to provide repairs under warranty, but the inconvenience and hassle has placed an extreme burden on homeowners here.

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Many other communities are past the ten-year home-builder warranty – In this case the expense, relocation, property loss, inconvenience and insurance hassles are the norm.  It has been stated by experts, including the EPA, that this epidemic of pinhole leaks is caused by changes in water chemistry – NOT inferior quality copper.  Certainly, in some instances, leaks occur due to workmanship when the plumbing was installed in the home.  But these leaks are obvious as they occur at an improperly connected fitting or joint, or when copper is  not properly protected in a slab and the pipes are attacked from the outside, not inside.

So before you blame your builder or plumber, take action to address the water chemistry and stop the attack on your copper pipes.  This can be achieved with properly designed filtration and salt-free water conditioning, as has been proven by Pure Elements Water with no further pinhole leaks reported, for nearly six years, after installation of our HealthyHome Solution system.

It requires a very special system design and components, with the water seeing these stages in the proper order, to effectively knock out the corrosive problems in the city water.  Most generic water systems provide only a partial solution, if that.  Not all water systems are created equal – If you want peace of mind, choose true experts like Pure Elements Water.

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