Pinhole Prevention Filters Recently Installed in Orange County

San Clemente Installation Cheaper than Repiping Copper

This custom installation in the Talega Community of San Clemente was specifically designed to stop pinhole leaks by focusing on  removing chloramines and addressing calcium build-up on the internal walls of the pipes.   When these issues are properly addressed, it stops the ongoing attack and damage to copper piping.

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This particular filter is a HealthyHome Solution containing special media and this particular system is designed to be compatible with larger than normal 1.5 inch piping.  However, HealthyHome Solution filters and conditioners come in all configurations to conquer this the chloramine problem in homes of any size.

While standard activated carbon filtration is good for removing chlorine, this process it is highly challenged by chloramines. To properly address chloramines, a system must include a special surface modified catalytic material, which is more expensive and hard to acquire.  This media is a critical component insuring the performance of each Pure Elements Water’s custom-designed high-end system.

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