Pinhole Prevention Filters Recently Installed in Orange County

Ladera Ranch Lab Results Prove Complete Chloramine Removal from Water

We ran independent laboratory tests on water treated by our HealthyHome Solution system designed to provide healthier water quality and to prevent pinhole leaks in copper piping. This is one of several specially-designed Pure Elements Water systems installed in the Ladera Ranch community of Three Vines Court.  The results prove how extremely effective these units are at removing chloramines and disinfection byproducts (contaminants recognized to include multiple known carcinogens).

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The lab tests shown here validate system performance with no detection of chloramines, Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic Acids in the treated household water.  This confirms complete removal to the lab’s lowest testing thresholds.  The Ladera Ranch water from Santa Margarita Water District contains high levels of these chemicals and contaminants, most coming in the water imported from Metropolitan Water District.

Based on the test results, our client and his family are receiving effective protection from pinhole leaks in their copper pipes (their home, as well as the majority of the community has been plagued with heavy damage and expense due to the pin holes).

In addition (and equally important) the family is enjoying the many health benefits of high quality filtered and conditioned water. The family members, including a one-year old infant, are no longer experiencing dry skin, rashes or scalp issues, while other benefits include quality drinking water from every faucet and a chemical free bathing experience.  This is a common result that people experience after installing our systems.
The installation is a simple one-day process, with the five-foot tall fully automatic system is located in the garage, treating all incoming domestic hot and cold water for the homeowner. Maintenance is minimal, with a service frequency of once every 4-5 years. Set it and forget it – the system automatically cleans itself once every 10 days.

Ladera Ranch Lab Results for Chloramine RemovalChloramine Filter Prevents Pinhole Leaks in Copper pipes and stops dry skin.

Client Testimonial

Within the first 2 weeks my wife and I noticed that our hands were no longer cracked and dry. We had both been experiencing sores around our cuticles from constant bottle washing. That was immediately relieved. And after about 30 days our son’s dry skin and eczema cleared up. We feel that our new clean water he bathes in has had a positive effect on his skin issues. My dry scalp is a lot better and today my dandruff issue is pretty much gone. There have also been some other perks like cleaner dishes, less filmy soapy residue. Also, clothes smell and look cleaner. We oversaw independent lab tests on our water. The chloramine and disinfection byproducts results were perfectly clear (none detected in our samples). This has validated the performance of our new system - it’s working even better than expected. We have also noticed a better sense of smell/taste. Both of us have commented on this difference, not sure if maybe the chemicals dull the senses, but that's what it feels like!
– Steve and Emily B., Ladera Ranch, CA
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