Pinhole Prevention Filters Recently Installed in Orange County

Coto de Caza Pinhole Leak Protection Filter Produces Healthy Water

A Coto de Caza home (game preserve in Spanish) has joined the thousands of homeowners enjoying clean, healthy water provided by Pure Elements Water. The south Orange County homeowner contacted Pure Elements Water for an expert consultation.  His goal was to diagnose water impurity issues and implement measures to protect their home from extreme costs and disruption associated with water damage from pinhole leaks.

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The custom estate home with 1.5” water main required a specially-designed commercial water system. Pure Elements Water’s Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free water conditioner proved to be a perfect match for the client’s needs, and the proprietary exterior Catalytic Water Conditioner is providing water savings, better plant growth and protection for the swimming pool.

Since the installation of HealthyHome Solution Total Property System, this family’s water is free of toxic chloramines and other water pollutants. Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia used to disinfect our water, and one of the culprits that contribute to pinhole leaks throughout southern California.  Chloramines can also irritate the skin and hair, making it dry, flaky and scaly.

The HealthyHome Solution Total Property System was placed for convenience in the garage near other utilities and master controls.

By installing Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Solution Total Property Water System, this homeowner has taken complete control of the water related issues throughout their home and property.  The filtration and conditioning system has made living in a game preserve what life in Coto de Caza is meant to be – a place for a healthier and more convenient home lifestyle, free of worry about the plague of pinhole leaks in copper pipes.

Author:  Stephanie Salt

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