Independent Lab Testing Validates Pinhole Prevention Water Filter Systems


In case you are still on the fence about how well our chloramine removal filters work, here you go.

Independent Lab Testing Water Filtration System
Stop Pipe Leaks like this Orange County CA Newport Beach system does every day.

This is a link to one of our sister websites. On that page you will see many independent lab test results. There are various installation dates ranging from a few months to 2 1/2 years and up to 18 years. That’s how long the systems have been chloramine and pinhole leak free.

This is why we can make the guarantees we make. They system works wonderfully at stopping and preventing pinhole leaks in copper pipes from occurring or reoccurring.

The water conditioner is part of the pinhole prevention system. It removes or reduces hard water issues, which help the pinholes form. The conditioner and the correct media in the tank in combination stop pinhole leaks from occurring.

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