How to Fix Annoying PEX and Copper Plumbing Problems California


Hi this is Rick from Pure Elements Water, and I just wanted to take a second to express to you that we don’t care if you have PEX plastic piping or copper piping in your home.

You absolutely need to fix the water chemistry to protect both of those materials.

The plastic piping in California is very, very new, relatively speaking.  And we’ve got water that’s eating through copper, so we do not know what the end result is going to be with that aggressive water in the new plastic material.

We do know the plastic material has a tendency to off gas and that chlorine and different chemicals can shorten the life of it.   And lead possibly to premature failure.

We also know that the water chemistry is creating pinhole leaks in copper plumbing and that we need to prevent those because they are devastating as far as cost and damage, and all that.  

You absolutely once again need to do effective whole house filtration, combined with salt free water conditioning to provide the very best water quality and protect both of those materials in your home, to minimize problems down the road.

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