How California Easily Stops Corrosion in Copper Pipes


Hi, this is Rick from Pure Elements Water, and I just wanted to take a minute and explain to you how you can prevent corrosion and pinhole leaks in your existing copper plumbing.

The problems that are happening in Southern California, as well as across the country, are caused by water chemistry and we have a high load of chloramines and chemicals in the water that have crossed the tipping point and given the right conditions, are eating through copper and creating corrosive problems internally.

You simply need to remove these chemicals to stop the attack and prevent any future leaks or corrosion from occurring in your existing copper plumbing system.

You do not need to repipe or do anything else. As long as you fix the water chemistry, you will maintain a long and fruitful life from your copper plumbing.

So let us help you prevent those things and reach out to us and we can explain how our systems will do that for you.

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