Home Water Filtration in Oceanside Saves Homeowners Plagued with Pinhole Leaks

Whole house water filter system Oceanside CA - Pure Elements Water

A beautiful, designer home in Oceanside has been plagued with pinhole leaks.

The owner contacted Pure Elements Water for help to implement home water filtration measures to protect the home from further pinhole leaks. 

Already having experienced multiple leaks, continued water damage could have cost the homeowner thousands of dollars more in repairs. 

In addition, they are at risk for cancellation of their homeowner’s insurance company, which commonly occurs upon the second reported leak.

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The home with 1.0” water main required a specially-designed water system to achieve the desired benefits.

The Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Solution Chloramine Filter System exceeded the needs, with each system being specifically fabricated for the water in the exact location of the client.

This Oceanside home’s water system is now free of toxic chloramines and other water pollutants, because the installation of HealthyHome Solution Chloramine System includes highly effective water filtration and a proprietary salt-free water conditioner. 

Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia used to disinfect water, and targeted as the main contributor to the frequent occurrence of pinhole leaks throughout Southern California.

Chloramines can make the skin dry, flakey, scaly and prone to irritation, and they adversely affect hair, making it dry and brittle while stripping color.

You must read this guarantee. No one else is confident enough in their filters to offer such a guarantee.

The installation of the HealthyHome Chloramine System has saved this homeowner from pinhole leaks and water damage, while protecting their family from potentially carcinogenic pollutants and skin irritants.

Thanks to Pure Elements Water in Newport Beach, this Oceanside family and household can enjoy healthy water chemistry. 

This home now has the benefit of quality filtered and conditioned water, and the freedom from worry of future pinhole leaks.

Author: Stephanie Salt

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