Here are 8 Ways To Repair Copper Pipes

Fix copper pipes

We help prevent you from getting pinhole leaks by removing the contaminants in the water that cause the leaks to occur.

But what do you do when you have a leak already? Well, you are going to need to fix it. Chances are you will call a certified plumber and he will use one of these 8 methods to fix the leak.

Maybe you can fix your pinhole leak? This video will show you how.
  1. Two couplings and a piece of pipe. This is the number one method and up to Code.
Couplings and pipe to replace damaged copper pipe.

2. Compression couplings. This method works well for DIY people.

Compression coupling works well.

3. Sharkbite slip coupling. People use this when they are unfamiliar with soldering. And you do not need crimpers. Code approved when installed correctly.

Popular pipe repair using the Sharkbite.

4. Use a Kibosh emergency pipe repair clamp. This is only a temporary repair but it gives you enough time to schedule a plumber. They are super handy too because you don’t even need to shut off the water. Just clamp it down and you are done. They can be used over and over again. Let’s hope you don’t need to use them a lot.

For a temporary fix the Kibosh is hard to beat.

5. Solder a small hole shut. This method can be used on some pinhole leaks. It is also a temporary fix that is not Code approved.

If you know how to solder, this might work for a little while.

6. Using electrical copper wire. You tightly wrap it around the pipe and solder it. This is again not Code approved and only temporary.

Copper wire works well enough for a short time too.

7. Use Alfa tape. Obviously another temporary fix until you can get a plumber to really fix it. But this way is good if you are in a jam. The tape can take up to 100 psi and it bonds to itself. It can be hard to use if you have a lack of space to wrap it. The Kibosh is probably a better quick fix and vastly easier.

Fast repair using Alfa tape. It will not last long though if under a lot of pressure.

8. Use Freeze-Fix epoxy compound. It is a putty that is wrapped in a cloth. You cannot use them if there is water present as the epoxy will not harden. And if the hole is bigger, the water will come in contact with the epoxy. Epoxy is known to give off chemicals that can be harmful. It is not Code and messy.

While this method works for a short while, it is the least favored because it is messy and harder to work with.

In many cases, you can avoid all of this. If you live in Southern California and you are getting pinholes, stop them. Change the water chemistry that is causes them and you will not need to fix copper plumbing. We guarantee it.

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