Family Chooses Quality Home Water Filter in Pelican Hill Newport Beach CA

Pin hole leaks in Pelican Hill Newport Coast CA
Remove Chloramines in Pelican Hill Newport Beach CA

Here is a good reason you need a quality home water filter in Pelican Hill, Newport Beach, CA.  Which water would you like to drink or bathe in? These glasses represent a before and after test for chlorine/chloramines performed recently in a Pelican Hill estate home in Newport Coast, CA.

This picture provides a clear representation of effective removal of chemicals by Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Solution Whole House Water Filter and Conditioner.  The picture is worth more than a thousand words!  The yellowish water on the right shows the chemicals in the Irvine Ranch Water District water that this Newport Coast family was drinking, bathing in and cooking with before installation of the system by Equity Plumbing. With such an effective solution available, why live in this chemical-laden water on a daily basis? This family said, “No more.”

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The homeowner was also overwhelmed with multiple pinhole leaks that caused extensive water damage throughout the home, resulting in expensive repairs and major inconveniences to the family. Pinhole leak damage cost this homeowner thousands of dollars in restoration, repairs and furnishings replacement, not to mention insurance hassles. Chloramines are a main contributor to these ongoing leaks in Orange County and throughout southern California.

The clean treated water on the left, processed through Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Solution Salt Free Water Filter and Salt-Free Conditioner, is now free of chloramine, carcinogenic disinfection byproducts and other toxic water pollutants, and protects the home from further pinhole leaks.

The family is ecstatic with their Pure Elements Water Healthy Home Solution.  They love the fresh taste of filtered water flowing throughout their home, and bathing in conditioned water with less drying of skin and hair.

Equity Plumbing provided the system and a perfectly clean installation, with the filtration system tucked neatly into a utility cabinet near the water heater. This home now has healthy water chemistry, and this family has joined the growing list of highly satisfied Pure Elements Water clients.

Author: Stephanie Salt

Pin hole leaks in Pelican Hill Newport Coast CA


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