Get Rid Of Chloramines and Eliminate Pinhole Leaks!

Remove Chloramines From Your Water and Retain Healthy Minerals With a HealthyHome Whole House Water Filtration & Salt-Free Conditioning System.

When water is properly filtered to eliminate chemicals and heavy metals, yet retains healthy minerals and alkaline pH—it’s healthier for people to drink. And with the average adult human body being 65% water, shouldn’t we be consuming the best water possible? At Pure Elements Water, we’re passionate about water and whole-heartedly believe so, that’s why we’ve engineered our HealthyHome Water Filtration & Salt-Free Conditioning Systems.

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This system provides protection from bad gaseous chemicals such as Carcinogenic Disinfection Byproducts, Chloramines, Chlorine, Organics, and Pesticides. Then it retains the good – like healthy minerals and Alkaline pH—for cleaner, better tasting water from every faucet.

With exceptional water quality flowing throughout your home, it’s ideal for cooking, cleaning, and bathing—it’s even better for your plants. Plus, our HealthyHome Water Filtration & Salt-Free Conditioning System effectively reduces hard water issues without the use of outdated salt-based softeners—preventing pinhole leaks and the mold that could occur, while protecting plumbing, tankless water heaters, fixtures, and appliances.

There is no safer, healthier, cost-effective, way to protect yourself from future pinhole leaks while improving the quality and taste of the water throughout your home. In fact, we’ll put our money where our mouth is with a $1,000 Performance Guarantee.*

Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Water Filtration Systems.
The way nature intended water to be.

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* No home in which a Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Water Filtration System has been installed in the last five years has reported a further pinhole leak. Should the homeowner experience a pinhole leak within the first year of installing Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Water Filtration System, Pure Elements Water shall pay the homeowner fifty (50%) percent of the insurance deductible or fifty (50%) percent of the repair costs up to a total of $1,000.00. Performance Guarantee is valid for one pinhole leak occurrence, and applies only if the original pipe can be provided to confirm the leak was caused from the inside out [many slab leaks are caused from the outside in due to soil conditions, (insulation or lack thereof) or makeup of cement].

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