Do Not Repipe With PEX Unless You Understand This California

Problems With Pex Off Gassing in California plumbing

Interviewer: Rick, assume that I’m a homeowner and I’ve had like four pinhole leaks in the past. Do I need to re-plumb my house with PEX?

Rick: Absolutely not. We’ve talked about and are aware of certain things in terms of concerns with the plastic tubing. But the bottom line is we can prevent you from having any further pinhole leaks by simply addressing the water chemistry issues that are causing them.

And I like to reassure all of our homeowners that it doesn’t matter where the copper came from, if it came from China, or India, or America.

It doesn’t matter how thick the copper is.

Do Not Repipe With PEX Unless You Understand This California

It doesn’t matter how new the copper is or how old the copper is.

The copper’s being attacked by the chemicals and the situation in today’s current water supplies.

So we can stop that attack, and even if we’ve had some aggressive behavior before that has been eating through the pipe wall in certain areas, as long as we stop it before it actually penetrates, we can keep it status quo like that.

But I like to reassure our homeowners that the rest of the copper, around where these pinhole leaks are occurring, is in exceptional shape.

PEX appears to have some health risks due to off gassing.

The phenomenon of pinhole leaks is specific to exacting areas, its focal points, inside the copper plumbing.

So if we can eliminate the things eating through the copper, as well as address the focal points and make them go away, then the rest of the copper is in exceptional shape and there’s absolutely no need to consider repiping in the questionable PEX materials, and certainly no need to ever consider putting epoxy lining inside your pipes.

If you’re concerned about the epidemic pinhole leak problem in South Orange County, and you live in any of these cities: Alisa Viejo, Dana Pointe, El Toro, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Nigel, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, or San Juan Capistrano, you need to take control immediately and address your water chemistry to protect the copper plumbing infrastructure in your home, as well as your family’s health. So please give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Three more articles about PEX off-gassing and or leaching into tap water.,-chemicals-above-health-standards-caused-by-green-building-plumbing.html (see “Chemical Leaching) (Written from INSIDE the industry. Look under “Pros and Cons”.) Pure Elements Water YouTube Channel, which contains tons of good informative videos.


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