Dana Point Installation Prevent Pinhole Leaks – Saving Thousands of Dollars


Dana Point and Capistrano Beach residents have been hit hard with copper plumbing pinhole leaks.  This link goes into detail about the problem all over Southern California.

To combat this issue, this water filter installation features a chloramine removal component that eliminates the high levels of chloramines found in this city’s water supply. 

Our client has avoided the expensive costs of repiping with new copper, PEX plastic pipe or using epoxy pipe lining by instead choosing our filter system to prevent new pinholes from ever forming.

Dana Point - Capistrano Beach effective long term solution to pinholes in copper pipes
This filter stops pinhole leaks from reoccurring in Dana Point, CA.

Many people think they need to repipe their entire home after they have gotten some pinhole leaks. But this is not true. You must change the water chemistry, which is the cause of the pinhole formation.

If you remove the chloramines, which cause the leaks to form, it stops the copper pipe from breaking down.

So get your leaks fixed by a plumber but then protect your infrastructure from the inside out. Have us install our chloramine removal system and you will not have a problem caused by chemicals and contaminants again.

Of course, if someone does a bad job of plumbing your home, you might have problems. But that’s another issue.

See our guarantee for more details on what this amazing system can do for you.

And you should call right now because we are having a really BIG SALE!

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