Best Pure Water Filter San Clemente CA – No More Pinholes

Best Pure Wter Filter San Clemente CA

Photo is of the best whole house water filter available in San Clemente CA. This filter vastly superior to competitor’s filters because each one is custom designed to meet the needs of the different water supplies and our client’s wishes. This makes a huge difference in performance. There is nothing being offered on the internet that ranks even close. It is like comparing a Porsche to a Fiat.

Best water filter San Clemente CA

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When you buy a generic filter off Amazon, did you know they essentially will be rendered useless within a few months or less? How is that you say? The chemicals in the water now days overwhelm the media. It cannot get everything out and gets clogged. They don’t backwash so everything stops working. The water just channels past the clogged media pores. That’s just great. (Being facetious here.) Now you have a $500 device that water just flows through but virtually nothing you bought the filter to take out is even being removed. So what’s the point?

Best water conditioner and water filter for San Clemente CA homeowners. The conditioner on this installation was place on the water main out near the street in the vault.

Water supplies change all the time. If you don’t match the media to what is in the water supply at the time, the filter does not work well. Call and ask us about why backflushing is critical to the function of a good high quality water filtration system.

The best pure water filter San Clemente CA can purchase is like this 1.5″ total property system. This water filter system has solved the client’s pinhole leak problem and the home has achieved healthier water throughout including the pool and landscape.

Best Pure Water Filter San Clemente CA

Call Us today. Ask about our Total Property systems. Ask us why our water conditioners work so well at removing and reducing hard water issues without the use of salt. These are not some gizmo like the Scaleblaster you see advertised on Amazon. These water conditioners are the real thing and get exceptional results.

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