Amazing Salt-Free Water Conditioner Results in Orange County CA

Anti Scale No Hard Water Newport Coast CA 92658

We contend that Salt-Free Water Conditioning works extremely well at removing hard water scale from your copper plumbing, fixtures and appliances.

The pictures below show the build up of hard water scale in Orange County homes. When the water conditioner is used in conjunction with the chloramine removal media, you can see how the build-up goes away.

These photos were taken during routine maintenance of systems in Dana Point, Newport Coast and San Clemente.

Water conditioning works extremely well and uses no salt like water softeners do.

The inlet (raw tap water) to the system is heavily caked in calcium deposits, and the outlet (treated) line is clean and scale-free. That yellow scale is what destroys your pipes and renders your appliances useless.

Using our water conditioning technology also helps prevent pinhole leaks in copper pipes. When used in combination with our chloramine removal media, pinholes do not come back. See our guarantees.

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