A Tiny Pinhole Leak Causes Lots of Destruction

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The video below taken by Stewart Plumbing and Heating in Los Angeles, shows just how devastating even the tiniest pinhole leak can cause.

Pinhole leaks in copper pipes ruin drywall.

Look at all the torn out walls and damage that had to be done just to get at that tiny little leak. It’s maddening.

Tiny pinhole leak
Even a small leak causes a big mess
That is a big chunk of drywall and insulation that needs to be replaced with new

The costs are huge when these leaks get out of hand.

These leaks are being fixed but how do you keep from getting them again?

Some people replace all their copper plumbing with new copper or with PEX plastic pipe. That’s going to be expensive and unnecessary.

Some will try to use epoxy pipe lining, which is really not the right use for this. Epoxy is problematic.

Your best option is to get the leaks fixed and then install a whole house water filter with a chloramine removal capability.

Chloramines have been shown to break down the copper pipe. It is not a questions of copper pipe quality.

Chloramines also break down PEX.

So you need to remove them and change the overall water chemistry so it does not eat at your plumbing.

Plus, the high-quality water filters will deliver clean, clear water to every faucet in your home. It’s a good investment for your home plumbing infrastructure as well as your own health.

Pinhole prevention water filters Los Angeles CA


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